The story of the

Square Retail POS

Helping retailers to successfully manage their products and store(s) and make sales easy and fast

I worked as a Product Designer intern at Square, a company that is building products to make commerce easier and more accessible to businesses across the US

My work was focused on helping retailers to sell and manage their small and medium size stores

Point of Sale experience for Retailers

As a Product Designer Intern in the Seller Design team at Square, I worked with senior product designers, product managers, and software engineers to deliver new features for the Square Retail Point Of Sale.

My role

Product Designer Intern


Design Lead, Senior Designers in the Retail team, Designers from other teams, Retail Engineer team




Sketch, Photoshop

Principle and After Effects


During the Summer a few years ago, I worked in projects related to the Retail Point Of Sale search bar: added features such as product images to the product list and favorites list. Other projects were related to managing the inventory and transferring products between stores with multiple locations using a mobile device and desktop.

Inventory Management Dashboard

Design Process

• Designing user experiences on Sketch using styleguides provided by Square branding and Product Design team.

• Prototyping screens on After Effects or Principle app for testing designs and see the designs on the actual device screen

• Share the work on InVision and Dropbox

• Shadow customer support to learn more about user pain points while using the Retail POS


• Share the design process and progress on weekly meetings with the design team and iterate on the designs

• Share the designs in bi-weekly meetings with the software engineers and Product Managers for feedback

• Shadow meetings with clients for user feedback and shadow potential users to learn more about their needs and the work environment (E.g: Lightning at the physical store matters when choosing the color of screens, contrast, and more)

Next Project

2600hz Visual Designs

How information design can improve the product features and solutions in the complex telecom industry