Hi, I'm Danielle

Product Designer at Kanopy

I'm a designer generalist and storyteller with experience in UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, and Graphic Design

Kanopy Onboarding

Read the story of how the redesign of the Kanopy web and app onboarding increased the number of app sign ups.

Kanopy Mobile Onboarding

Read the story of redesigning the onboarding experience on mobile apps for iOS and Android and learn how design improved the in app experience.

Kanopy TV App Redesign

Read the story of redesigning a TV app and onboarding process that was implemented on multiple TV platforms and helped to increase discoverability and sign ups.

Designs by Platform

Square Retail POS

Read the story of how product design helped retailers to better organize their inventory and increase sales speed.

2600hz Visual Designs

Read how information design and graphic design improved the communication between telecom and customers.

Startae Rebranding

Read the story of redesigning a brand for a Brazilian startup and how it impacted positively on many areas of the startup's business.